"We've never given up because we've not finished what we've been called to do." -Pat Sylvers
"I told Leon, they'd have to sing their way out of Watts." -Shirley Sylvers
"We do our own thing." -Charmaine Sylvers
"Our harmony is the main factor of our sound. It's everything." -Leon Sylvers III
"I feel very proud of the past and how far we've come, especially, unfortunately, under not as big a budget as The Jacksons or The Osmonds. We always had the least exposure and money behind us, but we stuck in there." -Edmund Sylvers
"We're thinking about the creative end of music and how to give some kind of message to enlighten people." -Olympia Sylvers
"Everyone is famous in his own special way." -Foster Sylvers
"My dad had an ear for harmony that was unbelievable. So he taught us all these Frank Sinatra songs." -Charmaine Sylvers
"Music is my life. I think about it all the time. I'm always into it in someway, singing or writing." -Leon Sylvers III(1973)
"There's no one star in the group. We all get a crack at taking over the audience's attention." -Ricky Sylvers
"I was up front a lot because I had the most commercial voice, but there was never any one lead." -Edmund Sylvers
"We like to think that it's our voices and choreography that draw a lot of our fans, but I think our most important selling point is that we're a close family." -James Sylvers
"We like to listen to other artists, not to cop from them, but for the chance to listen and say 'ahhh,yeah...that's nice.'" -Leon Sylvers III
"When 'Misdemeanor' crossed over to the pop charts they realized we were more than just another R&B act and we had a larger appeal than they were giving us credit for." -Ricky Sylvers
"There's no chauvinism around here." -Olympia Sylvers
"We are not a bubble gum group and we don't intend on being turned into one." -Leon Sylvers III
"Everybody is entitled to their own morals and we have to respect others privacy." -Olympia Sylvers
"I don't think Capitol pushed that self produced album(New Horizons), the way they pushed the albums Freddie had produced." -Ricky Sylvers
"He(Edmund) impersonates all our friends." -Foster Sylvers(1976)
"I really hate that Detroit assembly car-line, pretentious, overly commercial sound." -Leon Sylvers III
"It's hard to learn anything when you have to deal with routines for shows, time changes, travel arrangements and strange surroundings. How can you get anything from three hours of study crammed into that daily schedule?" -Ricky Sylvers(1976)
"Music can do two things to you. It can stimulate and wire you up, or it can calm you down and take your mind off your problems." -James Sylvers
"On the road, we're strictly business." -Pat Sylvers
"It's our career-what we like doing, we're not just doing it for the stardom." -Leon Sylvers III
"I'm going to have my personal life." -Olympia Sylvers
"Making the movie(The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh) was easier than recording." -Pat Sylvers
"The manager at the time he wanted me out the way anyway." -Leon Sylvers III
"If you don't stay true to yourself it's not going to last." -Charmaine Sylvers
"A wise man once said you can take a man's money and when it is over and done with he can make more money. But if you take a man's time you've taken part of his life." -Edmund Sylvers
"Money does really, really strange things to people." -Angie Sylvers
"Sure we got taken. Big time." -Shirley Sylvers
"I didn't want to go through the time consuming process of the contractual business. I'll be happy if we can gig together later on." -Edmund Sylvers
"The Sylvers used to close in Vegas with 'Touch Me Jesus'. Come on now." -Angie Sylvers
"I learned to roll with the punches." -Foster Sylvers
"Love is like a sneeze, you can't hide it very well." -Ricky Sylvers


"If you were doing a family tree probably all of the great producers from the last twenty-five years came from Leon (Sylvers)." -Virgil Roberts
"Everybody knew they were great. I couldn't name another group that could outsing them." -Keg Johnson
"The full potential of that family has never been seen." -Steve Ivory
"They are great people first, plus great singers." -Freddie Perren
"The supreme misjudgement of The Sylvers is that they were just a knock off of the Jackson 5. They were able to do barbershop type harmonies to perfection." -Steve Ivory
"I have not worked with anyone who had more potential than The Sylvers." -Cholly Atkins(1976)
"Aside from Quincy Jones, I think Leon is the hottest producer around." -Dick Griffey(1982)
"What Leon Sylvers did at Solar was unbelievable." -Nelson George
"Leon Sylvers helped us alot." -Jimmy "Jam" Harris
"I had Leon Sylvers oversee the vocal sessions because he's so incredible with vocals. You just have to listen to all those Dynasty and Shalamar records to hear that ." -Teddy Riley(1994)
"The impact of 'Boogie Fever' was strong because it was the emergence of the disco period of time." -Dyana Williams
"A great, great act." -Larkin Arnold
"Although they are smooth, dynamic and sexy onstage, the offstage Sylvers are a close knit, modest family whose story s more than just one about show business success; it's also one about togetherness and triumph over hard times." -Ebony Magazine
"There are no arguments. They are very mature and level-headed. Their approach to singing, their dynamism and particularly the ease they bring is just dynamite to work with." -Freddie Perren(1976)